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Let’s hear it for my bruised pride …

So there I was excited about breaking my squat PB at 169lbs. Not much for most (shit probably) but MY PB in MY JOURNEY. I felt I’ve climbed the Himalayas on one leg.

As I was about to get on with my last set this dude stands around the rack waiting for me to finish. Unpretentious guy: normal clothes, not really built appearance, about 5-10 years younger than me.

I hand over the squat rack once I’m done and I get on with my next exercise. 5 minutes or so later I turn my head only to realize that average looking dude is squatting 306lbs!! (that’s more like it you may say…). Good form, deep reps, not even with a belt on…

Man… that felt awkward for a minute.

Should I be embarrassed this guy can easily squat almost twice as much as me? Should I avoid the squat rack for a while until “I build enough strength”? Quit squatting altogether and leave it to the younger/stronger??

Well, all that and more did cross my mind…

No chance. My 169lbs may seem nothing but it is another step in my journey. Another successful entry on my log.

Kudos to that guy in any case. Credit when credit is due.

I know my 42 year old skinny legs will get past the 169lbs and at some point will get to the 200lbs mark. Or not. Most likely I will never be as a strong squatter as that dude. SO FUCKING WHAT. This is my fitness journey AND I only answer to the ugly bloke looking back at me in the mirror. He is the only one who can put pressure on me to be better/stronger/fitter/more humble (sexier I hear??) As long as I can look him in the eye and challenge his skinny legs to a more intense workout next time, then I’m good.

Can you look at that bloke looking back at you in the mirror?

Keep strong.

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