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Let’s look at you today…

So you’ve been 25 for 20 years now.

Yes you’ve got the job. Maybe you OWN the job. You’ve got the house, the spouse, the kids and even maybe the dog.

Well done brother…

Man you’re busy doing well for everyone around you. Money is coming in, kids in school, mortgage is getting paid religiously, your spouse/partner is there for you and you for them.

All looking good except…


Have you really looked at you lately? I mean the current 45 year old (or 50 or 55) version of yourself.

When did your belly get that large? (she doesn’t like it, no matter how much she lies at you telling you otherwise).

When did your biceps go soft (stop the bullshit: your arms aren’t strong: THEY’RE FAT).

What happened to the guy able to run 6 miles in 45 minutes or a full marathon in 3h 15min??

Maybe still there… if you are willing to listen.

I’ll say it again: he is still there is YOU ARE WILLING TO LISTEN.

Listen to that voice inside of you that you’ve been too busy (afraid??) to listen to.

Who cares about you doing all the things a regular guy should be doing when you’re too proud to accept you are no longer 25. The constant consumption of alcohol and poor dietary choices have made you weak and taken your prime away from you. You did get away with that BS 20/30 years ago. Why can’t you not get away with it now?

It’s not the age.

It’s not the pressures of the job.

It’s not the fact your time is limited.

Brother I will not waste your time because I know you haven’t got much.

But let me ask you: why are you wasting YOUR TIME by not paying attention to yourself?

Stop the lies you are telling yourself.

Start to listen.

Keep strong.

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