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Let’s look at my current diet

Ok so here it is my diet at this moment in time. As the heading goes, I am bulking up, slowly but slowly but slowly. Also steadily but a bit less.

Mainly slowly.

I tend to eat same foods every day, just vary the amounts depending on whether I am on a High Fat/Low Carb or on a Low Carb/High Fat. It just makes it easier (and cheaper thank you very much) when doing my grocery shopping. I keep the higher carbs for my training days (currently 4xweek) and vice versa.

I LOVE my pre bed snack, i.e. 100% dark chocolate+cottage cheese+apple

Also having 2 cheese sandwiches for brekkie rocks my middle aged world.

Both days I achieve approximately 3110 calories.

Black coffee (copious amounts), various forms of black and green tea and at least 2 litres of water are also a MUST every day.

The below is not the gospel, but perhaps could give you an indication on how to go about planning your diet. Once you’ve got it set with the foods you enjoy, it is just a matter of tweaking amounts depending on your needs and goals. That is until you start crying nervous breakdown tears as soon as you see whole meal pasta on the kitchen shelf. Then maybe is time to choose another source of carbs.

Note there are NO supplements here. Just whole foods.

Note to self: copying and pasting from Excel does not look as sexy as what other people posts…

I do adjust it weekly (Saturdays or Sundays depending on when my team is playing), based on my weekly average body weight.

Weight fluctuations and diet adjustments to follow on a separate post. I can hear the wife cooking which means I am summoned to our kitchen!

Keep strong.

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