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Let’s imagine a middle-aged man can actually feel better about himself

Buddy, you don’t need a new year’s resolution to lose weight or cut down on drinking or get that bicycle out of the shed and ride 20miles every Sunday.

You don’t need to hide the fact life has pushed your health to the bottom of your priorities for the past 15 years or so.

Ok, so you are 45/55 years old.

That means many things BUT that does not mean you should feel like a 90 year old nicotine addicted coal miner every time you attempt to use the stairs instead of the escalators and look like an amateur sumo wrestler whenever you take that XXL polo shirt off (but without the AWESOME sumo hair dos). Now don’t you lie to me, you know you buy the polo shirts for belly camouflage purposes mainly.

You don’t need to spend money on fitness programmes or miracle 12 week diets. Save the dough mate, St Valentine’s is fast approaching and you need to make up for that horrendous Christmas gift you’ve given her (third year in a row…).

You need to get real.

You need to learn a bit about what proper nutrition looks like.

You need to keep enjoying life: yes a drink or two every now and then is fine. Yet find things you enjoy and can help your future self.

You need to bring your own health and well-being to the top of that priority list.

You may be a cowboy or a Viking or Bruce Wayne’s long lost brother. But believe me a healthy 45/55/65 year old man (insert here cowboy, Viking…) is the new thing. She may even forgive you (a little) for that awful awful gift, if she sees you are serious about not getting drunk every Friday and Saturday nights and reducing the greasy kebabs to just one per month, or even taking an interest into healthy food shopping/cooking!

You can still go out but swap alcohol for water or zero calorie drinks.

You can still have your male friends but look for the ones that can point you into right direction (cycling group, hike group, running buddy, squash partner, golf partner, etc…). I’m sorry but the ones that complain and try to embarrass you when they see you not doing what they are expecting you to do are holding you back: they are too scared to face reality and they are using you to avoid facing their own fears.

You can try to reduce the amount of non-home-made food you consume. Take away meals and drive thru choices should be the exception.

I know you know all of the above. I know you don’t know why you are not able to get that shit done. You are human and you don’t want to lose face in front of others. All of the above it’s difficult and boring and anyway no one cares.



You need your health NOW so that in 20 or 30 years from today you will not become a burden to your loved ones and/or the tax payer.

You need to use that stubbornness you take so much pride on and start doing things, in your own terms, that can bring that health back.

I can help you by sharing my own experience and knowledge and by trying to simplify matters otherwise a tad too complicated. I am not the only one, mind you, but I appreciate you are reading this. No gimmicks. Just plain info.

More to follow.

Keep strong.

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